Sparkle-Lite wholesale drinkware is exclusively manufactured by Atlantis Industries Corporation. Atlantis is a privately owned and operated manufacturer of high quality precision injection molded plastics. All Sparkle-Lite products are made in the USA! For over 30 years, Sparkle-Lite has represented the highest quality most durable wholesale drinkware in the foodservice industry. Sparkle-Lite drinkware are used around the world in major restaurant chains, hotels, bars and resorts.

Sparkle-Lite drinkware is dishwasher safe, microwave safe, stackable AND attractive. Do not be fooled by imitations. The Sparkle-Lite name on the bottom is your guarantee for quality. The Diamond and Fountain drinkware and dessert dishes are made from SAN plastic. SAN offers superior strength and chemical resistance at an affordable price. SAN drinkware are typically used by large foodservice chains.

Atlantis also manufactures a line of extra strength polycarbonate drinkware with the Diamond design. Polycarbonate is typically known as a “bullet proof” material. We have literally driven vehicles over these tumblers as a test and have not been able to break them. Polycarbonate drinkware are typically used poolside at resorts, bars and other high impact environments.

Sparkle-Lite is a registered trademark of Atlantis Industries Corporation.

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