Regulations demand that certain devices are constructed in a sanitary environment. Our positive pressure cleanroom at Atlantis Industries provides an environment that reduces the concentration of airborne particulate and contaminants to meet these strict requirements, ensuring germs and particles are controlled in the air.

Our clean room manages air pollutants and any chance for part contamination. Pollutants like airborne microbes, aerosol particles, chemical vapors and dust are managed with our extensive heap-filter system. From food service to pharmaceutical, sanitation is the primary concern of our Clean Room Molding process.

As a leader in plastic molding, Atlantis Industries provides our customers clean room manufacturing that complies with the highest industrial standards.

Our clean room is 476 square feet of clean room manufacturing floor meeting class 8 clean room manufacturing standards.

The Atlantis Industries’ clean room is temperature and humidity controlled. We also offer continuous clean air pressure with a HEPA filtration system that effectively removes airborne particles as small as 0.5 microns. 

Our clean room offers the following advantages and capabilities:

  • Tight tolerances

  • Automated material handling

  • Specialized packaging

  • Material and product traceability

  • Fewer production stages

  • Less product transportation

  • Reduced processing time

  • A trained team that adheres to stringent clean room plastic injection molding operating procedures

IMS Certification

Atlantis Industries cleanroom has been approved and IMS certified by The International Organization for Standardization. The International Milk Standard demands the proper concealment of mold injection products which Atlantis Industries meets by maintaining a <50bc per square inch of products.

Molding Press

Our cleanroom houses a 240T JSW molding press that fills every cleanroom molding requirement. This electric machine allows Atlantis Industries to maintain consistent processes with very tight tolerances.


Atlantis manufactures the following types of cleanroom molded components:

  • High Volume, Multi Cavity Molds

  • Over-molded Components

  • Connectors

  • Food Service Products

  • Disposable Surgical Components

  • Veterinary Medical Components

  • Biopharmaceutical Packaging Components