PE (Polyethylene)

Polyethylene is a widely used, inexpensive, thermoplastic. It has good inherent lubricity, and is easy to process. Polyethylene has good to excellent chemical resistance. It is also soft and cannot be used in temperatures much above 150. As a family, they are light in weight and possess toughness, chemical resistance, impermeability as well as excellent electrical insulating properties.

Applications: Consumer products, houseware items, electronic wire/cable insulators and medical products

Brand Names: Alathon, Dow, Marlex.

Tensile Strength Flexural Modulus Impact Strength Max Temp. Chemical Resistance
1900-4500 psi 40,000-105,000 psi 2-No break ft-lb/in notched izod 130°-150° F Good to Excellent


  • Low Cost

  • Impact resistance from -40° to 194° F

  • Moisture resistance

  • Food grades available


  • Poor weather resistance
  • High thermal expansion

  • Subject to stress cracking

  • Difficult to bond

  • Flammable

  • Poor temperature capability

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