Atlantis provides tape application services for different types of products. Depending on the plastic used, the plastic may need to be prepared using a priming process. Priming helps the tape adhere to a plastic that is prone to “blooming”; which means certain components of the plastic come to the surface as it cures causing the plastic to be a poor bonding surface. Priming inhibits the blooming process and roughs up the surface to allow a tape to adhere to the plastic.
Similar to Co-injection, over-molding requires two plastics to be molded into the same part. When Co-injection is not feasible, over-molding is a great alternative. Atlantis molds the first part ahead of time and then we place it in a second mold to mold the other plastic “over” it. Sometimes it is partially covered and other times it is completely encased. If you are not sure which method will work best for you, let us help you decide.
Atlantis provides high quality insert molding services. We use state-of-the-art sensors to verify placement of inserts in the mold prior to the molding cycle starting. We insert mold a variety of materials including stainless steel, brass, aluminum, and galvanized bolts. Insert molding may be preferable to heat staking for many applications, especially if the substrate needs a great deal of encasement.
Atlantis provides sonic welding for those products that need permanent assembly after molding. Sonic welding uses heat generated by sonic vibration to bond two or more pieces of plastic together in specific areas. This is a preferred process when metal screws or rivets cannot be used due to application requirements or cosmetic reasons.
Atlantis provides CNC machining for plastic components that have special requirements and cannot be molded into the part, or the gate needs to be removed by CNC due to thickness. We also do secondary drilling and punching.
Atlantis provides pad printing services for customers that require some form of markings or identification on their products. We have the ability to print on many different material types. Whether it is a custom logo or scaled markings, we can help by adding this valuable step to your component.
Atlantis provides hot stamping for our custom molded products. When raised letters are involved, many times hot stamping is the preferred method of ink application. We can provide this value-added step to your custom component.